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Offer of 2018 "Day of statistics" motto

General affairs department General Administration Division administration group TEL: 0957-63-1111 (extension 151,153) FAX: 0957-64-5525

Offer of 2018 "Day of statistics" motto


  On October 18, we deepened interest and understanding of the nations for importance of statistics and were established for the purpose of having more cooperation for statistics investigation

 It is "Day of statistics".

  In Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, we perform well-known public information mainly on this "Day of statistics" and recruit mottoes of "Day of statistics" as the part.

  About work selected for, it will be conjugated by various public information of poster and statistics.

      We are waiting for application of many all of you.


  [deadline for offer] Saturday, March 31, 2018


  [offer section]

    1. Part of primary schoolchild

    2. Part of junior high student

    3. Part of high school student

    4. General part (from 1 student except 3 and the public)

    5. Part (statistics investigator or registration investigator) of statistics investigator

    6. Part (each ministry of prefecture, metropolis and districts, staff of municipality) of public employee


  [application method]

   After filling out matter necessary for application paper, please submit by mail, FAX or email by time limit.

    ※With application paper, we can apply to 5 work per person. Entry is limited to unpublished thing by own work.    


    1. In the case of mail, it is 〒 162-8668 19-1, Wakamatsucho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

                      It is addressed to statistics plan curator room spread instruction person in charge working under Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications policy unification official

    2. In the case of FAX, it is 03-5273-1189

    3. In the case of email, it is

            ※We submit to the metropolis and districts to belong to or statistics control section of municipality about part of statistics investigator, part of public employee


   For more information:




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General affairs department General Administration Division administration group
Telephone: 0957-63-1111 (extension 151,153)
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