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Let's take out Mutual Aid Traffic Accident Insurance Plan!

Citizen's Department citizen security section security/safety group TEL: 0957-68-1111 (extension number 242) FAX: 0957-62-3678


  We accept participation of Mutual Aid Traffic Accident Insurance Plan in 2018.

  When it is encountered traffic accident as the preparation to traffic accident of citizen's all of you, this mutual aid is system to pay ex gratia payment to member.

  Let's join in whole family.


With traffic accident disaster

  In the country car, train, train, motor bike, bicycle (bicycle for children is excluded. But when it is encountered accident resulting in injury or death (including own loss accident) by contact, collision, overturn such as traffic ship, passenger plane to offer for passenger boat, one of passenger transport for), fixed period when diameter of wheel includes bicycle for children more than 16 inches.


One where we can join

 Person doing resident registration or alien registration in the municipalities can join anyone.
 In addition, transferred person can join for attendance at school (student) temporarily.


Mutual aid latch

 It is 500 yen per one member. Halfway member is the same amount, too.


Mutual aid period

 From April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019

 ※But, in the case of halfway participation, it is from the date and time when we accepted in city hall to March 31, 2019.


Deadline for request of disaster ex gratia payment

 Request is possible from Day encountered traffic accident for less than two years.

 Disaster ex gratia payment is not paid when requested after passing more than two years.
 In addition, the true treatment days, please identify disaster ex gratia payment in request being enabled from three days or more beforehand.

 In addition, depending on the situation such as accidents, disaster ex gratia payment may not be paid.


Request method of disaster ex gratia payment

 When it is encountered traffic accident, member of Mutual Aid Traffic Accident Insurance Plan, please tell the police by all means.
 Please submit to the nearest city hall window with the following documents together after completion of treatment.

    1. Disaster ex gratia payment bill

  2. Identification of member and receipt (person reserve of application)
  3. Traffic accident certificate (even as for the copy, possible) which car careful driving center issues
  4. Petition for traffic accident
  5. Medical certificate (even as for the copy, possible) of doctor
  6. Copy of bank account bankbook appointing transfer
  7. In the case of the death, it is copy of a person's family register


Participation application method

 (1)We propose through neighborhood association, residents' association

 (2)We propose in individuals directly

 ※(2)Safe section citizen's of this in the application or citizen's Counter Service Division and sermons of Buddha in three sessions branch office


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Citizen's Department citizen security section security/safety group
Telephone: 0957-68-1111 (extension number 242)
Fax: 0957-62-3678
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