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Children's allowance

Welfare Health Department child section child family group TEL: 0957-63-1111 (extension 278,279) FAX: 0957-62-8018

About children's allowance


Purpose of system

 We contribute to stability of life in homes and are intended to contribute to healthy growth of child carrying society of the next generation.

It is targeted for supply

 One bringing up child on (until first March 31 after 15-year-old birthday) until junior high school graduation is provided.

Sum of medical treatment

■Medical treatment monthly basis

   Age of child     Supply monthly basis
 Under 3 years old   Flat 15,000 yen
 The front that is a graduate from elementary school 3 years old or older

  2 first child 10,000 yen

    It is 15,000 yen after the third child

  Junior high student   Flat 10,000 yen

 ※When income of one bringing up child is more than the income restrictions ceiling, we pay monthly basis one law 5,000 yen as exception payment.

 ※With "under 3 years old," we include 3-year-old birth Month of child.

 ※After "the third child" until graduation from high school on (until first March 31 after 18-year-old birthday)

    Among children bringing up, we say after third.


■Income restrictions ceiling list

 The number of support relatives   The income restrictions ceiling (ten thousand Japanese yen)    Indication (ten thousand Japanese yen) of the amount of income
   0 people      622.0       833.3
   One      660.0      875.6
   Two people      698.0      917.8
   Three people      736.0      960.0
   Four people      774.0      1002.1
   Five people      812.0      1042.1

  ※It is determined every claimer and spouse, each income.

  ※Income to judge is income (half a year for from January to May as for the medical treatment to share before last) in the last year.


Supply time

 As a general rule, minute is paid 3 times a year in each last month.

 ■Supply Month

  Supply Month   Supply breakdown
  June   For from February to May
  October   For from June to September
  February   For from October to January

  ※For each ten days of supply Month are supply Day, but provide on business day of front of it when 10th is bank holiday.


Method of procedure

[in the case of newcomer]

  Child is born, and procedure of "authorized request" is necessary when we move into from other municipalities (in the case of public employee in the office).

  ※As for the children's allowances, it is supply from for in principle, the next month of belonging Month of authorized Day which we requested.

   But even if it is application Day in the next month on birth day when Day (transfer Day) which moved into is near the end of the month; from the next day of transfer Day

   If it is less than 15 days, we provide from application Month.

  ※When application is late, for principle, late Month as cannot be treated, please be careful.


  We prepare


   ・Bank book and bank card (thing understanding account number) in the name of claimer (protector)

   ・Identification of health insurance person insured of claimer (protector)

   ・We know the personal number of claimer and spouse (notice of my number cards)

   ・Identity verification documents (driver's license, passport)

    ※In addition, there are documents having you submit as needed.


[in the case of continuation]

  Requirements that to grasp the situation to be able to put on June 1 every year, and treated person continues following medical treatments for June and receives

  Procedure of "report of present situation" to confirm whether you satisfy (custody or living equivalence relations of child) is necessary.


Change of report

 In the case of the following, please report for less than 15 days.

 (1) When recipient is transferred to the suburbs

 (2) When we changed address of recipient or child whom we brought up

 (3) When recipient became public employee or when it was not public employee

 (4) When main person of living changed by family register report (the marriage, divorce, adoption, the death)

 (5) When the number of the supply requirements children included the increase and decrease by birth, the death

  ※In addition, please refer in detail as report may be necessary.


  ※When list false contents about various reports, and declare; based on children's allowance method Article 14 Clause 1,

    We may have you return all or part of sum of allowance that you paid and,

    Based on law Article 31, we may be sentenced to fine that is less than penal servitude less than three years or 300,000 yen.



Application that there was no only widow (husband) subtraction in children's allowance began

 In calculation of the amount of income which judgment of income restrictions of following children's allowance costs for June, 2018,

 About single single-parent person whom widow (husband) subtraction in Local Tax Law is not applied to,

 When we met the next requirements, we did and came to be able to apply only widow (husband) subtraction.

 As person corresponded to needs application, please refer to "child section" in detail.


 [target one]

  We consider, and target application is next corresponding to requirements of (1) - (4).

  (1) Person who it is person who became mother or father without depending on the marriage, and in fact does not marry

    (we do not report, but do not correspond when it is in circumstances like marital status virtually.)

  (2) (1) Person who has support relative or child sharing living in mother corresponding to this

  (3) (1) Total income amount of money of the last year to win having baby sharing living in father corresponding to this is 5 million yen lower person

  (4) Person that child sharing living does not become spouse and support relative who gross income amounts of money of the last year are 380,000 yen or less, and are targeted for subtraction of other people


  ※When we consider and receive application, allowance of children's allowance may not increase.



About contribution

 There is procedure contributing toward the thought to support healthy growth of child in area when we want you to make use of children's allowance.

 For more details, please ask child section.



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