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Special Child Dependent's Allowance

Welfare Health Department child section child family group TEL: 0957-63-1111 (extension 278,279) FAX: 0957-62-8018

About Special Child Dependent's Allowance  

Purpose of system

 We pay allowance about child with impaired mind or body and are intended to increase the welfare of child.

Receipt qualification

 Parents taking care of child with impaired mind or body younger than 20 years or rearer is provided.
 << when not paid allowance >>
  (1) When child and parents or rearer did not have address in the country
  (2) When child can receive public pension which assumes obstacle supply reason
    ※As Child Rearing Allowance, children's allowance, child with a disability welfare subsidy are not pensions, we put together and can give.
  (3) When child enters (nursery school, tsushohodokoshi*, mother and the child life support facility are excluded) such as child welfare institutions

Sum (from April, 2018) of medical treatment

Medical treatment monthly basis

   For child 1   Allowance
  The first grade (severeness)  51,700 yen
  The second grade (moderate)  34,430 yen



Supply Day

 As a general rule, it is paid 3 times a year.
   April (for from December to March)
   August (for from April to July)
       November (for from August to November)

Method of procedure

[in the case of newcomer]
 "Authorized request" is necessary to receive. But there are income restrictions.
  Necessary documents
  << install in child section >> authorized bill, petition about the attendance at school situation of child, equivalence address ground petition, medical certificate (designated style)
  << thing which recipient sets up >> copy of a person's family register, seal, bankbook (thing in the name of claimer), personal number card or notice card (claimer, duty of supporting person, target child)
             Identity verification documents such as driver's license or passport of applicant
   ※In addition, there are necessary documents depending on the situation.
   ※Thing within one month is best as for "copy of a person's family register" "medical certificate" from application Day.
   ※As person acquiring certificate of the physically disabled, nursing notebook may omit "medical certificate", ask.
[in the case of continuation]
 Treated person needs procedure of report of income situation to confirm receipt important matter by September 11 from August 12 every year.
 As you cannot receive medical treatment after August when you do not do this procedure, please be careful.

[change of report]
 As you need presentation in the case of the following, please file so that there is not delay.


 (1)At the time of moving in the city, suburbs transference

 Address change notice 

 (2)When full name of recipient changed Full name notification of change
 (3)When we want to change transfer financial institution Payment financial institution notification of change
 (4)When receipt qualification disappeared Report of qualification loss
 (5)Time when we came to be supported by duty of supporting person who had high income Supply stop-related notice
 (6)When we lost Special Child Dependent's Allowance paper Paper notification of loss
 (7)When the increase and decrease occurred to target child  
 (8)When degree of obstacle changed  



※Of allowance that we paid based on law Article 24 Clause 1 about supply such as Special Child Dependent's Allowances when we listed false contents about various reports and declared

 May have return all or part of sum, and, based on law Article 41, is toko sarerukodogaarimasu for fines less than penal servitude less than three years or 300,000 yen.

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Welfare Health Department child section child family group
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