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shimabaranno room

Mayor palace policy Planning Division area, action for marriage group TEL: 0957-63-1111 (extension 141,142) FAX: 0957-62-8115
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What's New

・Version design noshimabaran New Year's card was done in 2018 on December 19, 2017.

・We updated "fantasia ... night for shimabaran diary - winter" in FB, Twitter on December 14, 2017.

・We updated "... Kure city GONNA Kure city ... to see shimabaranga dance" to FB on December 8, 2017.

・We updated "the shimabaran advent second anniversary" in FB, Twitter, youtube on November 29, 2017.




shimabaran design New Year's card <special page> for 2,018 years for

s shimabaran (snow)
New Year's card of version shimabaran design was done in 2018.
New Year's card making gamadano! Please use.
If it is the use except commercial purpose, application is unnecessary free, too.
The details are this

Mascot Grand Prix 2017 <special page>

Victory pose


Mascot Grand Prix 2017!

The last order whole country 14th place! (of local section in total 681 character)


"Mascot Grand Prix 2017" was finished.

Thanks to your support, we make rapid progress very much from last year


It is the 14th place in the whole country!

The Nagasaki first place (the second straight victory)


We were able to achieve this.

It was long term of approximately three months, but, shimabarano support mine, thank you very much


As we will try Shimabara hard in future to make all smile well,

Please support sequentially. 



shimabaranno profile

It shines most
Savior of Shimabara construction appears!

Guardian deity "shimabaran" which brought security and prosperity of Shimabara feudal clan in the Edo era worried about the future of Shimabara where population decreased, and spirit were disappearing. In the Shimabara construction first year, it swooped down again in hometown to regain cheerful Shimabara full of vigor as in the past without being stood even if there was guardian deity who worried.
shimabaranno profile
◇Birthday : April 6 (Day of castle)
◇Hometown : Shimabara (current Shimabara-shi)
◇Sex : Man
◇Age : Unknown
◇Character : We are full of regionalism and we are honest in everything and are diligent.
       However, it is careless, and it is fatigable, and physical strength has no confidence.
◇Hobby : While getting up at 5:00 a.m., and taking a walk through town every day; my bottle
       It is daily work to drink "spring" using (specially made gourd).
◇Special ability : We coax trouble well, and there is power to be settled.
       (round kanzarashino white ball)
◇Weak point : We are poor at heat, and throat dries immediately. However, we get well when we drink spring of Shimabara-shi.
◇Favorite : kanzarashi

shimabaranno illustration logo application

Use application of illustration logo


shimabaranno activity diary


FB size correctionWith new window(external link)Twitter size correctionWith new window(external link)youtube size correctionWith new window(external link)
It is FB of city. We are writing shimabaran diaries. We are played with well by tongue toe and the young staffIt is Twitter of city. We are writing shimabaran diaries. We murmur shimabaranno daily life

It is youtube of city. We perform shimabaran challenge and shimabaran quiz.

Dance sometimes dances, too♪




About recruitment of shimabaran support corpses (for H29 year offer)

Recruitment of support corpses
We raise shimabaran support corpses!
 Shimabara guardian deity "shimabaran" appeared on many events out of the prefecture and TV radio and worked on "shimabaran" oneself and PR of Shimabara-shi.
 Thanks to your cooperation that had you support result and "shimabaran" of the activity, we got the Kyushu first place by mascot Grand Prix of last year.
 Cooperation of various places having you support "shimabaran" will be necessary in future so that it is character loved by all of you of the whole country aiming at further leap.
 Therefore it recruits volunteer having help of PR activity by events, members of "shimabaran support corps".
For more details, please see the following

shimabaranno theme song

Title of a musical composition :"shimabaran march"

Applicant: Atsushi Kasagi (Kashiwa-shi, Chiba)

Singer: Kazuki Kurasato

We can watch theme song (original music) in youtube.



In addition, as for the state of last examination and theme song announcement, please see the following video.

・The last examination

・Theme song announcement

・Announcement type

shimabaranno schedule

Schedule is settled at present. We may participate in events that are not listed. (at December 13, 2017)
・December 16, 2017 little child Christmas concert (hall out of Shimabara Cultural Center)
・January 6, 2018 New Year's parade of fire brigades

shimabaran appearance request


Costume image

Does shimabaranto not enliven event together?



・Lead to image improvement and PR of Shimabara-shi

・Lead to shimabaranno PR

・All become smile

We are assigned to this and are active.


We call athletic meet, school festival, wedding ceremony nadonishimabarano, and does it not enliven event?

As for the details, please see the following

※He/she rents costume basically.





[inquiry that shimabaranni relates to]


 Mayor of Shimabara-shi government office palace shimabaran window (policy plan inside of a section)

 Address: 7-4, Minamishimokawashirimachi, Shimabara-shi outport Government building

 Telephone: 0957-62-8012 (directly) (weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.)

 FAX: 0957-62-8115

Banner concerned

We relate to this page
Mayor palace policy Planning Division shimabaran window
7-4, Minamishimokawashirimachi, Shimabara-shi (temporary office: the second floor of Unzen revival office)
Telephone: 0957-62-8012
Fax: 0957-62-8115
(ID: 4192)
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[Shimabara-shi government office]
 〒855-8555   537, Uenomachi, Shimabara-shi, Nagasaki   TEL: 0957-63-1111   FAX: 0957-64-5525
 Opening Hours from 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. (except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

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