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We press-agent and raise paid advertisements to smattering

Mayor palace secretary personnel department secretary public information group TEL: 0957-63-1111 (extension 121,122) FAX: 0957-64-6334

We press-agent and advertise sparse pay

 In city, it recruits advertisers doing insertion in "we press-agent and are sparse" issuing every month.
"We press-agent and are sparse" can expect effectiveness of advertising with thing which many everybodies see.
"You press-agent and are sparse", and do you not publicize company or store at this opportunity? 

Public information circulation

 17,300 copies of / Month (2018)

Publication point

 News column or back cover ※City appoints publication position and order

H30 public information island rose advertising space

Offer frame, publication charges of advertisement

 In principle, Month 9 frames (in the case of back cover 1 frame, approximately a one-tenth of news column 8 frame ※ A4 size)
 Standard per 1 frame and publication charges

Standard (the vertical X side)

Monthly basis publication charges

Publication point


50mm *88mm
(approximately a one-tenth of A4 size)
10,000 yenNews columnColor
50mm *178mm
(approximately a one-fifth of A4 size)
20,000 yenNews columnColor
297mm *200mm
(A4 size)
100,000 yenBack coverColor


Period of insertion

 The number of the Month to hope for among to April, 2019 issue from May, 2018 issue. But it is decided by lottery when we exceed the number of the offer frames.


Application method

 You attach advertisement manuscript (plan), and, after filling out matter necessary for public information insertion application, please propose to secretary personnel department secretary public information group.
 ※Please submit advertisement manuscript (plan) to electronic data (Adobe Illustrator file which article data form containing made outline) in addition.

 ※As we judge propriety of publication based on Shimabara-shi insertion summaries, we may not publish depending on contents


Application period

 From Thursday, February 1, 2018 to Wednesday, February 28


Application, reference

 Secretary personnel department secretary public information group (telephone 63-1111 extension number 124)



Downloading of file

Banner concerned

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Mayor palace secretary personnel department secretary public information group
7-4, Minamishimokawashirimachi, Shimabara-shi (temporary office: the second floor of Unzen revival office)
Telephone: 0957-63-1111 (extension 121,122)
Fax: 0957-64-6334
(ID: 3808)
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[Shimabara-shi government office]
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