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Rural living, UI turn

Article about rural living, UI turn
April 17, 2018 update

Shimabara-shi empty house information

We do water and air of Shimabara-shi empty house information - Shimabara
We offer information of empty house to one of Shimabara-shi toward the thought by emigration.
April 1, 2018 update
We raise emigration promotion empty house repair costs subsidies.
We utilize Shimabara-shi empty house bank system and, for expense required for repair of the article that the purchase or lease or person whom we rented performs article concerned, issue subsidy.
April 1, 2018 update
We raise empty house bank utilization promotion incentive wages.
For person emigrating to Motoichi using Shimabara-shi empty house bank system, we issue incentive wages.
January 30, 2018 update

Nita housing development land for sale by the lot flyer

Guidance of municipal ownership place land for sale by the lot (Nita housing development, Yasunaka district)
Nita housing development land for sale by the lot, Yasunaka district land for sale by the lot
August 8, 2017 update
It recruits "landlords of parking lot" at the time of "Shimabara Onsen gamadasu fireworks display" holding
Shimabara-shi plans cancellation and traffic jam relaxation lacking in parking lot at the time of "island place hot spring gamadasu fireworks display" holding in cooperation with edge of the eaves company, and is relieved to many customers comfortably; and fireworks display…
August 7, 2017 update
=End = [emigration conference: Shimabara-shi venue] to "welcome back Shimabara! News of Shimabara emigration conference, empty house bank registration conference holding
○The date and time: Monday, August 14, 15th Tuesday from 9:00 to 16:00
○Venue: Shimabara-shi government office main government building the first floor citizen consultation center
March 8, 2017 update
Shimabara-shi empty house bank system
Of empty house in Shimabara-shi and residential land enforce Shimabara-shi empty house bank system to plan local activation by emigration promotion of suburbs resident through effectively utilizing.

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