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From November 10, 2018 to November 11, 2018

Shimabara Peninsula geo-Marchais

Sightseeing in industry department Island rose sightseeing hospitality section, Geopark group TEL: 0957-63-1111 (extension 212,214) FAX: 0957-62-8006

Shimabara Peninsula geo-Marchais

"We will have!" geo-no blessing

There are various geo-no blessings brought from spring and the fertile earth, the rich sea in Shimabara Peninsula.
It is market to send gem which builder is particular about Shimabara Peninsula geo-Marchais from such geo-no blessing and brought up to.

In venue, taste and basic goods of Shimabara Peninsula flock.

Please spend wonderful 1st in delicious, pleasant Shimabara Peninsula geo-Marchais.

H28 geo-Marchais 5 H28 geo-Marchais 4
H28 geo-Marchais 3 H28 geo-Marchais 2 H28 geo-Marchais 1

Holding information

[on the date] Saturday, November 10, 2018, 11th Sunday

[holding place] The Unzendake disaster Memorial (as for the detail of institution this)
[parking lot] Existence



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Sightseeing in industry department Island rose sightseeing hospitality section, Geopark group
Telephone: 0957-63-1111 (extension 212,214)
Fax: 0957-62-8006
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