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Geopark, volcano

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Article about Geopark, volcano
November 20, 2018 update

Shimabara Peninsula Geopark "folktale here and there" bacharujiotsua

Shimabara Peninsula Geopark "folktale here and there" bacharujiotsua
"Folktale here and there" bacharujiotsua
"Do you not go for trip to Shimabara Peninsula Geopark with folktale with oldness?"
April 4, 2018 update

Dome renewal that toad gives

"Dome producing toad" reopening!
"Daum which produced toad" reopened experience-based museum of geo-to volcano!
There is a lot of a lot of NEW for learning and play and throb!
December 1, 2016 update

Rafter plateau

Rafter plateau
On rafter plateau, we can observe vitality of animals and plants living with volcano close.
September 1, 2016 update

Heisei Niiyama nature center

Heisei Niiyama nature center
We can observe Heisei Niiyama close. Natural observation that we observe state of recovery of natural environments of rafter plateau that went to ruin by Mt. Fugen eruption disaster directly and can learn…
August 2, 2016 update

Heisei Niiyama

Heisei Niiyama
 Heisei Niiyama was appointed to natural monument of country designation in new lava dome formed by eruption of approximately five years from 1990 on April 5, 2004.
July 1, 2016 update

The Unzendake disaster Memorial

Dome (the Unzendake disaster Memorial) which produces toad
"We rest" is the Unzendake disaster Memorial of theme "learning" "playing" "experiencing" "seeing". We can experience all of volcanoes.
May 2, 2016 update

Nita housing complex first Park

Nita housing complex first Park
We can observe collapse wall of Mt. Bizan in Nita housing complex first Park and can overlook the topography (Kujuku-shima Islands) which innumerable Nagareyama created.
February 27, 2016 update
February 9, 2016 update

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